Curtain Poles

I can supply curtain poles in a variety of sizes and styles.

The wooden poles are made from renewable timbers. There are 22 finishes, hand applied and buffed to a light sheen. Available in 35mm, 50mm and 63mm diameters.

Also a range of wrought iron poles available in 4 finishes – Black, Graphite,
Bright Pewter and Bronze.

Gothic finial, Jacobean finish. Acorn finial, Mahogany finish. Button finial, Walnut finish. Ball finial, Ivory finish. Beehive finial, Mahogany finish.

Oriental finial, Antique Gilt finish. Pineapple finial, Gold over red finish. Pear finial, Gold over white finish. Vase finial, Antique Pine finish.

Barrel finial, black finish Basket finial, black finish Ball finial, black finish



Spear finial, pewter finish Cage finial, graphite finish Short basket finial, bronze finish